This documentation will help you to setup, customize and implement our CMP on Websites/WebMobile and PWAs, Native in-App iOS and Android.

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What is AppConsent CMP ?

RGPD aims to protect personal data by requiring any website to request the consent of users to collect and use their data. This data can be collected with CMP (Content Management Plateform).

AppConsent is a CMP, a Consent Management Platform or Provider, built by Chandago ®.

At Chandago, we believe that a reasoned approach to data use has become necessary in order to protect both the privacy of Internet users and the way the Internet works. Thus, we use a proprietary UX approach in order to be able to offer our clients consent collection methods and tools in a balanced way. This allows us to achieve very high rates of consent, even within the constrained frameworks imposed by regulators. In order to be able to provide proof of consent, we use a proprietary private, highly scalable and ultra secure blockchain platform.

IAB Compliance

We are a valid registered company at the TCF ( ID_CMP = 2 ). We currently support the last stable version of the TCF v1.1.

As IAB Member, we are also member and contributor of the french IAB Privacy Task Force.

AppConsent versus others tools

Unlike other marketing tools that deal with privacy or advertising, practically everything happens in our backoffice to minimize script configuration. One of the key features of AppConsent is our ability to provide solid evidence in the event of a control or request from an end user. We are able to prove that this Internet user has given his consent when, on which source, with which version of instructions, in which language... Among other things, we are able to show which question has been asked to the Internet user. And we store this proof in the blocks of our ledger. To achieve this, it is essential that we master the construction of the webapp until deployment, without it being altered. This is one of the main reasons why your webapp/CMP is configurable via the backoffice and not by Javascript overloads.


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